Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated battery life and where can I purchase them?

External Type (X) Sensors - The Estimated Battery Life will be approximately 1 year. It all depends on how often or how many hours the vehicle is used and the quality of the battery.
Each sensor contains 1 x 3V CR1632 Battery. The cost of a replacement battery will range from $3 to $6 and are available from most leading electronic stores. Alternatively you can purchase them through our website in the Replacement Parts Section.

Monitor / Receiver - The Estimated Battery Life is also around 1 Year. This also depends on how often the device is being used. If the monitor is left on, it will automatically switch off and go into sleep mode. This helps reduce the battery life and the monitor will automatically switch on again once it detects movement. The Monitor / Receiver will contain 1 to 2 standard AAA or AA batteries (Depending on the model).

The TD-1000A-X, TD-1300A-X and TD-2000A-X series all come with a DC adaptor which can also be used the power the Monitor / Receiver. (Note: TD-1000A and TD-1300A are compatible with 12V DC only where as the TD-2000A series is 12V/24V DC compatible)