5 Wheel WTPMS

So what happens when you get a flat tyre? You go and get your spare. But what if your spare is flat? In most cases the spare doesn’t get used for a very long time and checking up on it can be easily forgotten. The latest feature of the TYREDOG™ TD-1300A-X5 is the ability to monitor the spare tyre. Now you can be warned if the spare tyre is in travelling condition or not. No need to get halfway through your trip, all of a sudden getting concerned about a flat tyre, and then wondering when you last checked up on the spare. (D.I.Y. installation.)

The TD-1300A-X5 (0 - 60 PSI) system is recommended for Cars, 4WD and Light Commercial vehicles.

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Model: TD-1300A-X5

5 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor (0 to 60 PSI)